2020 SAODC Yearbook

Please find below excerpts highlighting the achievements of 2020 as outlined in the SAODC 2020 Year Book, presented to the 66th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING




The Committee would like to acknowledge the assistance of all Club member who helped during the year, particularly the assistance provided by the following people - THANKS TO

Debbie Reid , the Chief Instructor, took responsibility for ordering supplies and organising the display of goods for sale;

Ed Jacobs who, while not a committee member, has designed a membership database for the Club;

Julie Brown - ongoing assistance with the Website.

Julie Fieldhouse - recording results and preparing certificates for presentation to successful competitors at SAODC trials. 



1962  Harold Camm (Dec)-Founder             1987  Herman Behrendt (Dec)


1965  Doug Kemp (Dec)                                 1989   Jayne Smith


1965  Nelson Gare (Dec)                                1992  Gwenda Baker (Dec)


1966  Barbara Horne (Dec)                            1992   Donna Cox


1966  John Moroney (Dec)                             1992   Jackie Horton


1966  James Turner                                       1992   Ron Kutzer (Dec)


1970  Robert Glastonbury (Dec)                    1993   Lillian Sandison


1971  Ilva Pammenter (Dec)                          1995  Ruth Johns


1971  Kevin Prior (Dec)                                  1997  Gary Talbot (Dec)


1972  McNeil Sloane (Dec)                             2002  Gina Smith


1975  Peter Smith                                          2005  Bev Dodd


1980  John Senior (Dec)                                 2005  Ann Farndell


1980  Bert Vowels (Dec)                                 2005 Roger Harrington (Dec)


1980  Mary Brailey (Dec)                                2005  Jessie Hughs


1980  Ivan Stacey                                           2005  Rose Ince


1980  Neil Frost                                              2005  Yve Rixon


1983  Hans Schindler (Dec)                          2005  Lloyd Roberts


1983  Dorothy Toy (Dec)                                2005  Bill Sandison


1984  Jack Baker                                           2005  Brian Scholz


1984  Alf Toy (Dec)                                         2005 Eileen Supple (Dec)


1985  Neil MacDonald                                   2005  Margaret Talbot


1985  Bon Jordan                                          2005  Marie Wells


1986  Joan Owens (Dec)                               2014  John Farmer


                                                                        2014  Chris Oerman






To say that 2020 has been an unusual year would be an understatement! While SAODC was not directly affected by the summer bushfires, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly has. The Club  was seven (7) weeks into training after the resumption of training in     February when all training and events had to cease without knowing when or whether we would be able to return. Fortunately, training was able to resume on 9th of June and continued until 10th of November when the “Parafield Cluster”lockdown closed training again. This meant, disappointingly, that training was unable to resume prior to our normal halt training at the end of November.


Notwithstanding the extended interruption to our training, the Club increased the retention of members from the previous year and also    had a very successful year with new members. Commencing at the end of August, the Club's Committee agreed to move to a monthly membership joining date. This has become necessary due to instructors retirements at the end of 2019 and to assist the Chief Instructor with organising class numbers, particularly at Level1. This change has also been beneficial in freeing those Club instructors and their previous time-intensive weekly involvement progressing new and renewing

members who joined on the last Tuesday in September. I the September

are included in the current year's numbers, the total membership for 2020 was 313, an increase of 1 on 2019 (212) and an even more significant increase on 2018 (232).


Unfortunately, the Club had to cancel its 5th April Obedience and Rally Trial due to the COVID-19  closures. With the Government's introduction of COVID Safe Plans in early June, the Club was able to not only resume training but to also conduct trials again. Although the Dogs SA Obedience Advisory Committee elected not to conduct the State Obedience and Rally Championships this year, the Club's Committee decided to continue with our last two scheduled trials on 4th and 31st  of October. On 4th of October the Club successfully conducted a Trick Dog Test and double Tally Trial and on 31st of

October an Obedience and Rally Trial. As the SAODC Obedience was the only one conducted after the resumption of events in June it was very popular with the trialling community with entries to match.I extend my appreciation to the Club's Trial Secretary, Vicky Spangler, who picked up this responsibility with aplomb during a most difficult year.

Due to the severely interrupted year experienced by the Club, there have been limited opportunities for publicity and promotion. The Club had just launched its annual Entertainment Book/Card promotion when     training had to cease. Consequently, the main fund raiser for the Club were the two raffles held in conjunction with the trials on the 4th and 31st of October.

I wish to express particular appreciation for the support of the Club's Committee in what can only be described as extraordinary circumstances this year. However, it was with regret that the Committee accepted the resignation in August 2020 of the Club's Secretary, Judy Zollo, who has always been a tremendous support to me in my role as President and to the whole Committee. Thank you to Committee member Viv Kitto for stepping up as Minutes Secretary for the remainder of the year. I also thank our Treasurer, Jenny Dunstan, and     Vice President, Tony Scholefield, for their support this year and who     have, together with one of our Instructors, Julie Brown, managed and     updated our website as required.


The Club Chief Instructor, Debbie Reid, has been re-elected to this role for 2021 and I would like to thank her for having done a truly excellent job this 

year under extremely difficult circumstances.


My best wishes to all our members and their families for the festival season and I hope you all have a happy, safe and peaceful Christmas and New Year. 

I look forward to seeing everyone back at the Club in 2021, together with your dogs and puppies ready for another year fo fun and training.


Christine Koch


                           CHIEF INSTRUCTOR



2020 was the first year the new curriculum and class structure were implemented. Although at times challenging over all it has been very successful. Average attendances are up, more handlers are continuing 

through to the higher levels  and also staying after finishing basic skills 

(going into Advanced Skills), There has also  been an increase in members carrying on into competition sport.


Unfortunately due to covid not as much equipment is being used, but what 

is used, instructors have rallied to help with sanitizing.


August saw the commencement of monthly intakes for new members, this being the last Tuesday  of each month. It is working out extremely well for all.

It leaves the rest of the month free for the few that do admin, Welcome Talk and classes aren't interrupted with new handlers.


I also started a numbered class area system which is much more organized 

for handlers and enables instructors to begin classes sooner.


Unfortunately I was unable to hold instructor meetings throughout the year. They will recommence again next year on a regular basis. Last but not least a huge thank you to all instructors for your valuable time and support throughout the year, and for putting up with me and all the new chances I have made.


Stay Safe and enjoy the break.


Deb Reid

Chief Instructor


                     TRIAL MANAGER


We were able to host two trials in 2020 under the Covid-19 restrictions.


Both trials have been a great success especially under these circumstances. The trials could not have been completed without the dedication and hard 

work of out committee members, our new Trial Secretary and Volunteers.  


Big thanks to all of you for your cheerful and tireless efforts.


Barbara Richter-Winter

Trial Manager






Our overall financial position has improved by around 6% over the 2019/20 year. 


2020 has been a challenging year for both training and trials. Our membership is only slightly down on the previous year, but sales are up and trial expenses have been less. 


We are carrying an improved range of stock (collars, leads, harnesses, training toys) which we pass on to members at just above cost price. This is an attractive benefit for members.


We have also accepted credit card payments in 2020 and will continue this option going forward.


Thanks to all the committee in their support and it’s a pleasure registering new members and seeing all the fun and progress of their dogs.


Jenny Dunstan