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Agility, Jumping and Agility Games (Snooker, Gamblers, Strategic Pairs)

Competition-level Agility and its younger cousin discipline called Jumping, are dog-sports involving a course of jumps and obstacles which the dog must negotiate to 'pass' or 'qualify'. Not only must the dog make no mistakes in the course, or on individual pieces of equipment, but it must also complete the course within a time limit set by the judge on each occasion. The time is calculated within a range of 'metres-per-second' speeds allowed for each class of competition (Novice, Excellent, Open and Masters) by the A.N.K.C. guidelines, as applied to that particular course. Variables such as the complexity of the pattern of obstacles, time spent on the 'contacts' obstacles, and the ground and weather conditions, are taken into consideration.

Dogs must be eighteen months of age before they are allowed to compete in Agility.

NB: S.A.O.D.C. Requires that a dog has a SAODC basic obedience certificate before undertaking Agility training, as well as being a minimum of twelve months of age, because of the jumping involved in this sport.

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