Foundation Skills

Levels 1,  (commencing puppies and dogs) 2 and 3. For all dogs .

All dogs commence in Level1 unless assessed by the Chief Instructor to commence at a higher level.


Assessment for the dog and handler team is assessed by their Instructor over the course of the month. If the dog and handler have attained the skill levels required for that level they will graduate and advance to next level. Graduation is finalised in the last training session of the month.


If they are not yet ready they will remain for another month.

It is important that handlers don’t view this as a ‘failure’. Each dog and handler is a unique team and will have different training challenges. It is best to get the dog to reliably complete an exercise before progressing to a more advanced level.

On graduating from Foundation Skills Level 3 a Foundation Skills certificate will be awarded. Handlers can then choose between the following two Intermediate Streams:

Intermediate Skills:
Progression from Foundation Skills with the aim to develop high levels of ‘pet’ dog manners.

Intermediate Obedience: progression from Foundation Skills however the focus is on refining behaviours used in competition obedience trials.

Rolling Graduation for Intermediate levels - it is anticipated most dog and handler teams will remain in these classes for at least 8 weeks.
However, the Instructor can graduate advanced teams earlier.

Advanced Streams

Dog Sport (trialling classes) or Advanced Skills (non-trialling)