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SAODC named one of top training centres

10 September 2023

The Adelaide Examiner,  have named SAODC one of the Top Dog Training Centres In Adelaide.

How the Adelaide Examiner Picked the Best Dog Trainers in Adelaide

Expertise – We checked if the Adelaide dog trainers have appropriate certifications, like a certificate in dog behaviour and training. 

We also considered other related credentials and years of experience in a related field.

Services – We chose dog trainers in Adelaide who offer a wide range of training options. We also gave plus points to those that provide other dog-related services.

Availability – We picked Adelaide dog training centres that are easy to contact and those that provide updates and feedback regarding the dogs. We also considered their operating hours.

Training Approach – Each dog has a different temperament, so each requires a different training method. We checked how flexible the trainers’ training approaches are to ensure that dogs are comfortable in their lessons.

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